Miracle Sealants LIQQT Liquid Poultice Biodegradable Cleaner Part A and B Non-Acid Deep Cleaner 32oz

Miracle Sealants Liquid Poultice Non-Acid Deep Cleaner Biodegradable (x2)(Part A & B) 32 Fl Oz 1 Kit

Brand: Miracle Sealants

UPC: 753927511127

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Product Features:
  • •Easy to Use
  • •Interior & Exterior
  • •For various surface types
  • •Biodegradable solution making it safe for the environment
  • •Easy application to make cleaning fast
Liquid Poultice is a safe cleaner designed for deep cleaning all porous materials and grout including acid sensitive surfaces. The cleaning action of Liquid Poultice penetrates deep into the pores of the surface to safely lift out various types of dirt and grime. Liquid Poultice is especially effective for cleaning organic materials like coffee and tea.

Additional Information / Documentation:
Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet