ForceField OdorBlaster For Fabrics 22oz Spray

ForceField Odor Blaster for Fabrics

Brand: ForceField

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Product Features:
  • •Rapidly Destroys Odors
  • •Nonhazardous & Environmentally Friendly
  • •Leaves No Tacky Residues
  • •Perfect for Fabrics, Apparel & Carpets
  • •Special Anti-Soiling Additive Controls Odors from Pets, Food & Smoke
OdorBlaster for Fabrics is a powerful deodorizer that actually chemically binds itself to the odor, neutralizing it and rendering it odorless. It can be applied on textiles (carpet/fabric) to eliminate absorbed odors, or use it as a hand freshener to eliminate offensive odors such as onions or gasoline. Wherever foul odors are a problem, OdorBlaster for Fabrics is the quick and effective solution.

Additional Information / Documentation:
Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet