ForceField Fabric Protector 1 gallon

ForceField F FBP Upholstery Rug and Fabric Protector Repels Stains Spills and Water 1 Gallon

Brand: ForceField

UPC: 609052015125

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ForceField® Fabric Protector is a professional strength fast drying treatment that creates a protective finish that effectively resists soils and stains. It is safe for all types of fabrics and fibers including silk, leather and sisal. Applying ForceField® Fabric Protector to surfaces creates an extremely thin polymer barrier that prevents spills and soils from actually contacting the surfaces of the fibers. As a result, spills simply lie on the surfaces and can be easily blotted away before they have the opportunity to create a stain. Repels oil and water based stains. Will not alter the look or feel of the fabric.

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