Excelsior CM-910 Cleaner / Maintainer 1 Gallon (3,78 Litres)

Excelsior CM-910 Cleaner / Maintainer 1 Gallon (3,78 Litres)

Brand: Excelsior

SKU: CM-910-L
UPC: 819455010416

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Product Features:
  • •pH Neutral - Biodegradable
  • •Excellent Coverage Rate
  • •Film & Streak Free
  • •Suitable for Most Floor Coverings
  • •Approved for Auto-Scrubbing Machines
CM-910 is a pH neutral, biodegradable cleaner and maintainer for the daily cleaning or long-term preservation of the rubber flooring products. In addition to cleaning, CM-910 creates and leaves behind a protective film that helps maintain and condition the rubber, making future cleaning processes easier. CM-910 can be applied to the floor using a mop, pump-up sprayer, or using an auto-scrubbing machine. When incorporated into a daily and routine maintenance program, CM-910 can prolong the lifetime and serviceability of the floor, while also preserving the appearance and easing future maintenance of the rubber floor covering.

Additional Information / Documentation:
Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet