Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator (16 oz.)
Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator (16 oz.)

Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator (16 oz.)

Brand: Capture

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Product Features:
  • •INCREDIBLE STAIN REMOVAL: Carpet Spot Eliminator breaks down a wide variety of tough stains, including oil-based stains, lifts out new and old stains, leaving carpet or other fabrics looking new. Our multifunctional cleaning supplies can be used on water-safe fabrics including furniture, clothing, automobile carpet, sofa, laundry, and upholstery.
  • •CARPET CLEANING POWERHOUSE: This spot and stain remover will clean the toughest dirt, stain, or odor from your floor. Remove ink, oil, grease, cosmetics, shoe polish, makeup, and other dark or difficult stains. Together, Capture products offer the best, most effective portable household spot remover and neutralizer solutions on the market.
  • •PERFECT FOR PET OWNERS: When your little friends make a mess, clean it up with Capture! It's strong enough to work a miracle on stubborn dog and cat stains! No need to steam or shampoo. This handheld spray makes it a breeze to take care of pets.
  • •EASY APPLICATION: Spray the soiled or stained area to break down a wide variety of tough, everyday spills and lift out stains. Then just wait for it to dry. No need for a machine or other cleaning supplies or items. Resolve any liquid stain issue in an instant without hiring a pricey professional service. Capture has the solution to your cleaning problems.
  • •CONVENIENT, SAFE, & EFFECTIVE TOTAL CARE: If you want your carpet to look great and last longer, clean regularly with Capture! You can get the freshness that you want with our premium cleaning products. Proudly made in the USA.
This foam spray removes tough stains in carpet, furniture, rugs, upholstery, clothes, fabric, couches, and more. It is portable and can be used in the home, car, or office. Great for pet stains or oil based stains.

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