Aqua Mix Professional Renue Polish Restoring Cream 8oz

Aqua Mix Renue - 8 oz

Brand: Aqua Mix

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Product Features:
  • •Shine-Restoring Polishing Cream
  • •Restores a beautiful shine to calcium-based natural stone
  • •Polishes etched and lightly scratched surfaces
  • •Ideal for limestone, marble, and travertine, and cement-based terrazzo
Aqua Mix Renue is a polishing cream that restores the shine to etched or lightly scratched calcium-based natural stone. Coverage: There is no set square footage coverage. The coverage depends on the hardness of the material being polished. A dense (Marble) floor will need more Renue compared to a softer (terrazzo) floor.

Additional Information / Documentation:
Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet